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Best CS:GO Trading Sites (2021)

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  • 3 Free Cases on sign-up
  • Crash game mode
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CSGORoll is a site that launched back in 2015. The site is owned and operated by Feral Entertainment Ltd and offers games such as Roll, Crash, Case Opening and Dice. The site also has a user-friendly interface and offers great bonuses to new players.

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  • Online since: 2015
  • License: Curacao
  • Min deposit: 0 coins
  • Min withdraw: 1000 coins
  • Website:
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  • Bonus: 3 Free Cases
  • Bonus%: 100%
  • Free Spins: 0
  • Wagering: 0x
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18+ | New Player Only. - T&C Apply

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CSGOEmpire Logo


Cryptos accepted


  • 1 Free Case on sign-up
  • Match betting available
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CSGOEmpire is a site that was launched by Moonrail Limited B.V back in 2016. The site offers a number of different gambling games, as well as the ability to bet on events and e-sport games. New players get a free case with a value of up to $1000, which is one of the larger bonuses offered by CS:GO gambling sites.

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Quick Facts

  • Online since: 2016
  • License: Curacao
  • Min deposit: 0 coins
  • Min withdraw: 0 coins
  • Website:
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  • Bonus: 1 Free Case
  • Bonus%: 100%
  • Free Spins: 0
  • Wagering: 0x
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18+ | New Player Only. - T&C Apply

Your Guide to CS:GO Trading Sites

Even in this new decade, the CSGO industry continues its rapid growth – the reason for which isn’t difficult to grasp. The game is thrilling, and there are plenty of CSGO platforms that continue to keep the game alive through trading, gambling and much more.

Users are offered a choice from many CSGO gambling sites, sites that offer CSGO case opening, or sites where you have the opportunity to earn skins by completing small job offers. On the subject of skins, one particular platform stands out most though: CSGO trading sites.

The exponential growth of the industry has been a tailwind for CSGO trade sites. It has become one of the most popular methods for people to exchange CSGO skins.

Our article dives deeper into the world of CSGO skin trading. However, we should start with some background and an explanation of what CSGO actually is. If you’re already familiar with everything, feel free to skip to the third chapter of this guide using the table of contents.

CSGO Trading Sites


What Exactly is CS:GO?

Most people checking out this guide likely have a pretty good understanding of what CS:GO is and how skins work, but just in case, here’s a quick rundown.

Just about every gamer has played Counter-Strike at some point. Who can blame them as it’s one of the most exciting and popular eSport gaming titles in the industry? The game launched back in 2000 and is made by Valve.

Counter-Strike is a multi-player game based on objectives with two opposing teams: Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Examples of objectives may be to rescue hostages, defuse an explosive device, or secure a location.

The popularity has led to frequently organized CSGO tournaments, gathering the best players globally to compete for huge prizes.

Now that we’ve introduced you to the game, the team at CryptoCasinos is now ready to introduce you to CSGO skins.


Explaining CS:GO Skins

When CSGO was released, it was first considered to be a fairly average game. Valve would later introduce CSGO skins as well as updates to the gameplay – leading to an explosion in popularity.

CSGO skins are cosmetic in nature, being the graphical appearance of weapons used by players. The rarity of some skins has made them very valuable. Skins are being sold for thousands of dollars, and in some rare cases even tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. This boosted the game’s entertainment value considerably. Now, players must not only excel in shooting but also not get left behind in appearance.

There are several ways of collecting skins: case opening, CSGO gambling, or CSGO trading. CSGO trading is one of the easier routes to take, as it doesn’t rely on any RNG, but instead simply your ability to evaluate skins and find good trades.


Where Can You Trade CS:GO Skins?

Players can collect skins in several different places, but not all options are necessarily desirable. CSGO gambling platforms are one way, but winning is not guaranteed. Players can also try sites that allow them to complete small tasks in exchange for skins, but this method can be irritating.

CSGO trading sites offer flexibility while delivering value for money, which explains its preferred status among many players. These platforms bring buyers and sellers together in a safe trading environment. The one catch is that there is a 5%-10% commission on every trade. Still, the benefits of CSGO trading sites far outweigh the risks of trading on an unproven platform.


How do CS:GO Trade Sites work?

The idea of CSGO trading can be a little overwhelming if you’re new to the concept. Still, you needn’t worry, as skin trading sites have made the process simple. The platforms are usually designed with a straightforward interface, allowing players to see the skins on offer to make a quick and easy decision.

Site registration is also effortless using your Steam profile. This is significant because all trades come through the user’s Steam account.

A few other things concerning the actual trades need mentioning that we’ll look at later after answering a few more questions next.


Can You Profit From Skin Trading Sites?

There is an abundance of opportunities on CSGO trading sites. Some people trade for fun, wanting to add their favorite skins as a hobby.

However, for some people, CSGO trading is a serious business with the goal of making money. The high demand for CSGO skins represents an opportunity to make a profit. Unfortunately, the rapid expansion of the CSGO trading market hasn’t been without some hiccups. Some players have had some bad experiences with their personal details stolen, their Steam accounts blocked, or buyers that failed to make payments, to name a few.

This supports the argument for only choosing proven CSGO trading sites to reduce the risk of being scammed. So how does one identify legit CSGO trade sites? Well, legit platforms must meet several standards to prove that it’s entirely safe to use.


How do I Choose The Best CS:GO Trading Sites?

There are some common standards that the best CSGO trading skins platforms share. If a platform fails to meet one or more of these – run as fast as you can! The reason is that it can be a red flag for serious issues. It’s wise to review the platform for the following to determine if it’s credible:

  • How Long has the Platform been Operating?

The first thing you should examine is how long the platform has been in business. Doing this first step is crucial because it can save you a ton of time since it’s an important barometer of how legit a site is. Look for a CSGO trading site with a longer track record as they tend to be trustworthy. The reason makes a lot of sense. We’re living in an age where businesses are very competitive, especially in the CSGO industry. Thus, scam platforms never last more than a few months as they are quickly exposed by players who have fallen into the scammer’s trap.

Many social platforms allow users to share their experiences and opinions about particular CSGO trading sites. A trustworthy skin trading site will have at least a full year of experience under its belt in the competitive field of CSGO. Not many sites have been in operation for more than a few years, so if you stumble across one, then the chances are that it’s legit.

  • Website Design and Interface

Never underestimate the importance of a good website design when determining a legitimate website. Overnight scam platforms will often be poorly designed and have an underwhelming or downright terrible user interface. In a way, this is not surprising since scammers are unlikely to invest money in a temporary website intended to cheat people. In this context, looks are everything, so anything less than a great design and experience-enhancing interface to make trades easier should be considered a big red flag.

  • User Transparency

The best CSGO trading platforms understand the importance of building trust with their users. Sites that have nothing to hide will be completely transparent with their customers. The addition of a FAQ is another level of transparency, supporting added peace of mind. After all, who doesn’t like finding the answers to all their questions in one place?

Social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram allow users to freely share their opinions and experiences on platforms with others. Undoubtedly, one of the most powerful indicators proving that a site is legit is the existence of an active chat community. Most of the time, these communities are available in Discord chat rooms consisting of tens of thousands of members. If something leaves you unsure, you can always just enter the chat room and ask the available users on the platform for an opinion.


How Can I Set Up a First CS:GO Trade?

At first glance, the process can seem rather complicated, but this impression couldn’t be further from the truth. The CSGO platform makes the process simple.

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to complete a trade of CSGO skins:

  • Login to one of the skin trading sites using your Steam account.
  • Switch your inventory to public.
  • Choose and select the skins that you are interested in trading.
  • Request your trade.
  • Click on ‘Accept’ to finalize the trade in Steam.

There are a few minor differences between the platforms, but the process is very similar. In all cases, trading is easy, and with some practice, you’ll complete it within minutes.


Choosing the Best Price for Your Skins

Before you begin trading CSGO skins, you must be able to accurately price them to avoid losing money. There are a few things that you should consider before you put a price tag on your skins.

  • Skin Rarity

One of the most important factors determining the correct price tag is the rarity of a skin. As we mentioned earlier in the article, the rarest skins can be sold for thousands of dollars. Conversely, very common skins will have a lower price tag.

  • Knife Skin Pattern

There are different forms and rarities of knife skins, which happen to be the most popular. Forms and rarities change fast, so it’s best to search for the type of skin online to find the latest price.

  • Condition of the Skin

The skin’s condition is called ‘float’ and is measured with a value between 0 and 1. The closer to 0, the higher the price it will fetch for.


Trading CS:GO Skins with PayPal

A few platforms of late have been offering the option of trading CSGO skins with PayPal. However, information on the payment method and platform is currently limited. Our advice would be to stay away from this platform for the moment until we get more clarity.



If you aren’t a fan of CSGO gambling or not keen on working for skins, CSGO trading sites are a great option that you can rely on. The best platforms, like the ones you can find here on CryptoCasinos, are making the whole CSGO skin trade process very easy and pleasant. If you follow our recommendations and use only trusted providers, your experience with CSGO trading will be enjoyable.

What if you're new to CS:GO Trading?

Skin trading sites have made the process of CSGO trading skins fast and straightforward. You won’t have any difficulties, even when trading for the first time. With experience, you’ll be able to complete a trade within a few minutes.

Platforms that meet the requirement that we shared in the article will ensure that your CSGO trading experience is completely safe. This includes a platform with a proven track record (1 year or over), a good design and user interface, and one that offers user transparency.

The short answer is yes. With the right strategy, you can make a profit by Trading CSGO skins. Some people have been so successful that they have even made a living off of it.

As we mentioned, CSGO Skins with Paypal was introduced only recently, so we would suggest holding off for now under the method is more established. That being said, many other payment methods can accommodate your trading needs, so why take a chance?