YPRED Token Powering “All-in-One” AI Ecosystem Enters 7th Stage of Fundraising


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Investing has gone a long way from the day of the brokers holding a telephone in one hand and shouting trades on the stock exchange. Technology is creating a seismic shift, and it’s not only computers and apps that have brought a new dimension to financial investment.

Analytics are the driving force in today’s markets, especially in volatile sectors such as cryptocurrencies, where a huge quantity of data must be analyzed for correct predictive decision-making. Machine learning is receiving a lot of attention, and several startups are working on fusing artifact intelligence with price predictions to enable traders to formulate more precise investment strategies.

One such company is yPredict, which focuses on AI-powered predictive analytics. The startup has entered its 7th stage of fundraising with $4.5 million accumulated, and the concluding phase will start once the campaign hits $4.58 million. At that point, 17.5 million YPRED tokens valued at $1.9 million will be put up for sale, and the token price will rise from $0.10 to $0.11. The goal is to raise $6.5 million from a supply of 100 million YPRED tokens. 

What yPredict Brings to the Crypto Scene

This startup is on a mission to harness the power of artificial intelligence to provide insight for traders by a data-driven approach. The team behind yPredict consists of experts from fields such as machine learning, trading, artificial intelligence, and finance. The yPredict ecosystem uses proprietary tools to predict prices for thousands of digital coins, and this feature will be free to use. These analytical tools will utilize pattern recognition and transaction analysis and should offer traders a statistical advantage in the markets.

The company offers a trading terminal, with options such as order books and emphasis on fast trade executions. Data scientists will be able to offer a subscription service and charge a fee for their prediction models, enabling them to profit from their expertise without trading blockchain tokens.

The team desires to expand its services by targeting multiple industries with cutting-edge tools, not just developers and traders. It aims to empower users to solve their problems, ranging from a diet to a crypto investment strategy, with customized predictive models.

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Future yPredict Developments

Following the wrap-up of its crypto presale, the startup will launch its analytics product. And in a sector valued at $2.3 billion, there are already several projects estimated between $50 and $100 million. The next step is for yPredict to carve out market share by growing its community. Holders of YPRED tokens can use the coins to analyze different tokens, access data repositories, and get voting rights within the ecosystem. Effectively involving the community in the decision-making.

The yPredict tools and platforms have the potential to help traders to navigate the challenging landscape of crypto trading by offering more accurate price predictions. However, it’s still too soon to make predictions about this AI ecosystem’s impact, but multiple startups are going in the same direction.

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