Blockchain-Powered Gambling Platform BillionAir Gains Momentum With $6.3 Million Token Pre-Sale


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The GambleFi scene is experiencing rapid development, and one of the latest platforms attempting to secure a leading role in the new crypto-gambling sphere is BillionAir. This platform utilizes a proprietary $AIRB token and AIRB NFT Tickets, allowing players to wager in games of chance and skill, participate in raffles, and be part of a comprehensive token-based economy.

According to the company, its innovative mechanisms allow holders of $AIRB tokens to be a casino co-owner and share in the profits. This concept is well-received by players and investors, considering that since the launch of the token pre-sale, BillionAir has raised $6.3 million from a target amount of $17.5 million.

Affordable Prices Ahead of the Official Launch

The purchase of the token is done via BillionAir’s official website, and interested players or investors can buy the tokens with BNB, ETH, USDT, USDC, and BUSD. If an interested customer does not possess any of the above-mentioned digital coins, they can use their credit card to purchase BNB and use the Binance coin to acquire a $AIRB through the pre-sale.

The total supply of $AIRB tokens is a billion, with 41% or 410 million tokens available for pre-sale, distributed in 10 phases with 40 million tokens per stage, with an initial 10 million supply sold separately. For every bundle of 1000 $AIRB purchased, the buyer receives a free raffle ticket, which can unlock special prizes.

Four months ago, when the pre-sale started, the original price was $0.03 and has been continually growing, hitting $0.042 at the end of October, and the official listing price after the pre-sale will be $0.060. The low price throughout the pre-sale can be one reason for the influx of purchases, with investors trying to benefit from a good deal.

billionair piechart


The other 59% of the available token supply pie will be subdivided into several areas, each with a dedicated trove of tokens to facilitate operations and value preservation, incentives to empower the community, ensuring liquidity, stake reserves, and about 10% allocated for an Airdrop to spread enthusiasm for the platform.

The impressive amount of $6.3 million, nearly a quarter of the planned goal for the pre-sale, was collected in a relatively short period, signaling that this new crypto platform is assuming a leading role in online gambling.

Immersive Gambling Platform With Revenue Sharing

The platform aims to provide an immersive experience for users through unique games and NFT-based raffles, plus native $AIRB tokens. Users can stake their $AIRB tokens, earning rewards such as tokens or NFTs, but also cars and watches. Most importantly, token holders have a share of profit revenues.

The Pre-Sale will end at the start of January 2024, with the platform’s official release, and the $AIRB token will be immediately available on the MEXC exchange, DEXs, and CEXs, with new partnerships expected. The project is safe and audited, including Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. It’s becoming obvious from the pre-sale numbers that BillionAir is outperforming competitors and will be a significant player on the GambleFi scene.

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