TrueLab Game Studios Pioneered NFT Slot Integration Shows Promising Results


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The gaming industry has achieved another revolutionary move after TrueLab Game Studios unveiled its NFT gamification by integrating this option into its slot title Victoria Wild West. The initial results from TRUE, signal this move has been positive, with expectations for other innovative studios to borrow the concept and create further integration of NTF and iGaming sectors.

Technical assistance from TRUE was instrumental in achieving a full-fledged NFT marketplace for TrueLab Game Studios. A TRUE Wallet account is generated by default for new players. TrueLab Games reported that since its launch of the NTF, the number of players has increased by seven times, and the slot’s betting volume has risen by 3.5 times.

Preliminary data from TRUE reveals that players who have acquired NFTs are more active in the slot when compared with players not participating in the drop. The statistics show that players with at least one NFT place six times more bets per gaming session. However, despite the fact players with NFTs are in the minority, representing only 25% of the slots’ user base, they contribute over 50% of the entire wagering volume.

Currently, 35 online casinos offer Victoria Wild West with integration of the NFT collection. One of the biggest partners in this project is N1 Partners, a broad network of casino sites that have enthusiastically embraced this gaming project. The decision to perform an integration of NTF gamification mechanics into Vitoria Wild West reinvigorated the game, attracting new attention from operators and players.

The Essence of the NFT Integration

The core concept of this integration is the release of 15,000 different types of NFTs, which perform a crucial role in helping players to successfully navigate their quest within this slot game. The NFTs drop randomly during gameplay and propel the immersive aspect of the story, plus they can serve as a tool to advance the game.

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Players can accumulate tokens and catalog them in special albums, which can be the basis for creating higher-level NFTs that open different in-game benefits. Additionally, bettors will participate in the Holders Treasury, and receive a percentage of all wagers in Victoria Wild West, which are paid monthly. Because the NFTs are separate assets, players can also resell them on other markets.

The Story of Victoria Wild West Slot

The Victoria Wild West is a Wild West-themed slot using a 5×3 reel set with ten paylines, eight regular symbols, and an RTP of 96.31%. The story revolves around the main character, Victoria, and her quest to locate a gang leader and retrieve her stolen family treasure. The atmosphere is reminiscent of classic Western movies, with an Ennio Morricone style soundtrack and quality graphics.

The combination of exciting gameplay with the introduction of NFTs elevates the status of Victoria Wild West in the gaming industry. The slot is a beacon for the evolving landscape of crypto gambling, something desired by players worldwide. The rising popularity of NFTs will without a doubt result in new gameplay integration for an enhanced gaming experience and new rewards.

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