What Is Litecoin?

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Jakob Olsson

Published March 22, 2023

What is litecoin?

Almost as popular as Bitcoin, Litecoin is a digital currency that has maintained its practical and useful function in online gambling circles. Next to Ethereum, it is the third most used currency for online casino transactions. Where Bitcoin may be regarded as the “gold” of hybrid digital currencies, Litecoin is a definite contender for the “silver” spot. It can be used to place bets in online casinos, to pay and receive money, and can be changed into regular currencies including USD, Euro, GBP, and other currencies.


How to buy it

You can buy coin by downloading a Litecoin wallet app on to your phone, computer, or another device. Next, find an exchange where you can exchange regular cash for digital money. You will receive your own unique address that you can use to make transactions using your digital currency which is linked to the digital currency Blockchain -a global network that tracks and lists transactions worldwide, around the clock. Your transactions can remain anonymous and your identity is kept secure.


The benefits

  • Play anonymously – No personal information will be collected or shared and a special number is used for transactions. Gambling portals wont require any information to prove your identity.
  • Fast transactions. It can be used to receive funds quickly.
  • In crypto casinos, gamblers can check the integrity of the game after each hand or spin.
  • Low or no fees at most casinos and for most transactions.

How it works

Your digital currency is stored in your Litecoin wallet. When you want to place a bet, send or receive money and more you simply use your digital wallet app to make a transaction. There is a Litecoin wallet for smartphones, PC and tablet devices.


Using it at Crypto Casinos

Litecoin has a high trading volume and has been used online since 2011. It is a top 10 digitial coin and is accepted for digital betting and online gambling in most of our digital casinos. Crypto Casino online gambling sites accept it as betting currency for its games and gambling platforms. All our Crypto Casinos are highly rated and vetted by our experts to ensure the highest levels of online security, fast payment methods and great features!