What Is Bitcoin?

Picture of Author Jakob Olsson Standing In The Streets Of Valletta, Malta

Jakob Olsson

Published June 08, 2023

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency used in online casinos today. Its popularity keeps on growing. It isn’t money that you can touch and feel – it’s a hybrid type of digital or virtual currency that you can use to buy things online and is used in combination with an online “wallet” and the Bitcoin exchange, which operates 24/7 all over the world.


How to buy it

To use digital money in an online casino you need to install a wallet on your computer or mobile phone/device. You can do this by downloading a wallet app. A dedicated address will be allocated to you and you can create other addresses at any time. You can share your address with friends so that you can make and receive payments. You can add coins to your Bitcoin wallet using the app. A blockchain is a public listing in which all the details of transactions on the international network are listed. Your wallet works out the amount that can be spent so that new transactions can be verified. Security is protected by your password and cryptography


Bitcoin can be used for

  • Casino Games
  • Gambling
  • Sports Betting
  • Online Lotteries
  • Spread Betting

How it works?

Many casinos offer bets in digital currency, often without transaction fees and offer free daily purchases. It may be offered as the sole online choice for gambling and games or may be offered alongside regular bets in USD or other currencies. Bets are usually anonymous, thus protecting your online privacy. This form of payment is currently usable for any form of online gambling which has been declared legal. If you win, payouts are often instantaneous making it a speedy option. Digital currency can be exchanged into real currency, including USD, Euro and GBP, so that you can spend real money on the things you want.


Betting on Crypto Casinos

You can use your Bitcoin wallet and currency to place bets on the sites listed our website instead of using your regular money. Betting this way is completely anonymous, allows you to change your password frequently for safety reasons and payouts are safe and fast. You can exchange Bitcoins for cash once you receive your payouts. Simply register on the website and create your gaming profile, then begin placing bets using your Bitcoin wallet, using the app. All our casinos have been screened and evaluated to ensure stringent standards and we offer a list of the best online casinos available -whether you want great payment methods, value bonuses or a great selection of games!