What Is Tether?

Picture of Author Jakob Olsson Standing In The Streets Of Valletta, Malta

Jakob Olsson

Published June 08, 2023

What is Tether?

Tether is a type of cryptocurrency that’s commonly known as a “stablecoin“. This means that Tether has a stable value set to be equal to 1 USD, hence why it’s also called “USDT”.  The coin has recently gained a lot of popularity along with other cryptocurrencies due to the massive hype around blockchain and cryptocurrencies in general. Tether being a stablecoin is also a big part of why it’s seen the success it has, as a lot of people feel that Bitcoin and other cryptos are simply too volatile.


How to buy it

Just like with most cryptocurrencies, purchasing Tether is most commonly done by using a crypto exchange service. Tether can also be purchased directly from users, but since it’s hard to do this safely we wouldn’t recommend it to most users. There are a bunch of reputable crypto exchange services, just remember that not all of them support purchases and trades in Tether. Some of the largest crypto exchange services that support Tether trading are Binance, Kraken and Crypto.com. Keep in mind that most exchange services charge transaction fees when purchasing, sending and sometimes receiving cryptocurrencies.


Why choose Tether over fiat currencies?

Tether offers features that fiat currencies simply don’t. Tether has extremely low transaction fees and also offers instant transactions. This makes the coin very useful for holding crypto without the volatility. It’s also great for those that regularly trade in different currencies, as you can avoid having to exchange your cryptos for fiat currencies when waiting for the next drop.


Using Tether at casinos

Using Tether at a casino is just as simple as using any other cryptocurrency. First find a casino that accepts Tether by looking for the Tether symbol under “Cryptos accepted” in our lists. Visit the site and register an account, make sure to keep an eye out for any bonuses during this process. Find the deposit section and choose Tether. You’ll be given a Tether address and an amount in Tether that’s equal to the deposit you wish to make, simply follow these instructions and you’ll be done in no-time!