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My name is Ramona Depares. Nice to Meet You!

iGaming Journalist

Based on the island of Malta – the hub for all things crypto and iGaming – my curiosity about people and the passions that drive us was born while reading for a law degree. After getting my lawyer’s warrant I decided that I preferred a more eclectic (read, less stuffy) way to satisfy my curiosities. And that’s how I became a journalist and a creative writer, reporting some of the country’s hottest stories by day and creating imaginary worlds and characters in my spare hours.

Fast-forward to three published books and two journalism awards later and I was ready for something new. I joined Cryptocasinos.com because I loved the idea of turning my journalistic instincts to a dynamic, ever-growing sector with huge potential. My mission is to help players stay ahead of the trend by bringing you the inside scoop about anything that’s related to crypto gambling.

Whether it’s the best crypto casino exchange rate or a new alt coin that’s about to drop on your favorite site, I’ll uncover all the deets and share my best tips to keep your gambling experience fun.

About Ramona Depares

As a Crypto Journalist, I’m your go-to whenever you’re looking for objective information that gives you the full picture. No ambiguous language, no overly-technical jargon, just the transparent, full deal.

In my other life you’ll find me spending all my money dancing to gigs around Europe. Or, when I’m too broke, sipping a glass of wine while people-watching for ideas on my next novel.