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CryptoCasinos is an online casino guide that provides all information related to crypto-gambling. The site was created by a team of crypto enthusiasts with a love for online casinos. Our goal is to provide unbiased reviews and top lists so that players can make an educated choice when it comes to choosing which site to play at. This page aims to help answer questions about our privacy policy and how we collect data from our users.

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How we deal with safety

For us at CryptoCasinos, it’s very important that you users can feel safe using our site. We’re constantly working on improving our site and making sure that our users are safe from data breaches.

We’ve made sure that you never have to provide us with any information, except for the “cookie” that’s automatically stored upon entering our site.


How we use cookies

CryptoCasinos.com uses cookies to understand how our users interact with our website. Cookies allows us to find areas where we can improve, which in turn helps improve the user experience when using our site.

Cookies don’t give us any information about your internet activities outside of our website. The cookies also don’t provide us with any information that could be considered personal or identifying.


Privacy concerns

Accepting cookies on our site doesn’t share any personal information with us. Cookies simply make sure that when you enter our site, our site is remembered by your browser so that your experience can be improved as a returning user.

Cookies do allow us to see what you’re doing when using our website. Some examples of things we can see are which of our pages you’re visiting, how long you’ve been there, what links you click etc.


Links on our website

Although we don’t collect any personal information about our users, we can’t guarantee that the same is true when using our site to go to another website. We never share any of our information with 3rd party companies, but the sites found on our website may.

We’re not responsible for any of the sites that we link to on our website, and so we recommend you to do your own research regarding the privacy policy of any links you click.

This privacy policy is only valid for our site (CryptoCasinos.com) specifically.


SSL certificate

Our site uses a SSL certificate to ensure that all traffic is entirely encrypted. An encrypted connection means that no one else can access the cookies that we collect from our users.

SSL encryption is usually something that’s used to prevent theft of user data regarding banking details etc. Since we don’t collect any of this information, it might seem excessive to use this technology. We’ve simply implemented this to make sure that your usage of the site is entirely safe.


Feedback and questions

We welcome feedback and questions regarding the usage of our site or our privacy policy in specific. Feel free to use our contact us page to find out more about contacting us!

How does CryptoCasinos collect data from users?

CryptoCasinos collects cookies from their users. Cookies don’t share any personal information, but are simply a way for us to see how users interact with our site.

CryptoCasinos uses SSL encryption to ensure that all user connections are encrypted and safe from internet thieves.