EthBet Inaugurates Decentralized Poker


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Crypto poker is nothing new, but the evolution of the popular casino game reaches a new stage with EthBet, a crypto poker platform. The new innovative ecosystem merges online poker with blockchain technology in the form of a $EthBet, an ERC20 token, enabling players to stake their tokens within the casino. Players can purchase the token via designated Dex platforms or Uniswap and embark on a pioneering decentralized poker experience.

The integration of the $EthBet Coin is not mandatory, but players benefit by amplifying the gameplay through bonuses and seamless transactions. To ensure this ecosystem’s longevity, EthBet Poker commenced a seed sale with a discount for early investors. This move secures the necessary funding for sustained operations and future development.

EthBet expansion into online poker is a logical move, considering the market’s potential. Revenue projections indicate that by 2023, the market size will reach $237.5 Billion with an annual growth rate of nearly 13.5%. The adoption of mobile and blockchain technology positively influenced the expansion of the online poker market.

Statistics reveal that there will be 5.44 billion mobile users in 2023, and blockchain payments are becoming accepted on gambling apps because of the intrinsic fast transaction speeds and security features. And with online gambling becoming popular and countries starting to legalize the activity, new markets are opening.

The EthBet Poker Platform Features

This poker platform has a lot going for it from multiple aspects. The design is user-friendly, offering easy navigation for novice and seasoned players. The catalog of games includes the most popular poker versions, such as Omaha, Texas Hold’em, and 5 Card Omaha.

Bonuses are not in short supply. According to the platform, a 33% rakeback through $EthBet contributions will be available to players. This bonus incentive can turn losing players into break-even bettors or create profits for players. There is a generous affiliate program and tier-based program motivating token holdings to engage with the gaming environment. EthBet Poker is dedicated to responsible gambling, fostering a safe gambling environment.

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Not a New Player in Online Crypto Gambling

EthBet is a cryptocurrency operating on the Ethereum platform, with a current price of 0.00254299 USD. The current supply of tokens numbers 10 million, and 8,5 million of those coins are in circulation. Since its launch, EthBet has emerged as one of the innovative virtual gambling tokens, supporting peer-to-peer betting and enabling players to play against each other without a middleman.

The EthBet off-chain matchmaking service permits users to offer and take bets. A match can be made between two users, and the wager is executed using an Ethereum smart contract with a high degree of security and transparency.

The EthBet online casino raised significant funds via a crowd sale in 2017 and used the funds to upgrade its platform. The project included application development and third-party contract security audits. The new project, EthBet Poker, should build upon the operator’s previous experience and enhance the gaming opportunities for poker enthusiasts through cutting-edge technology.

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