Are Crypto Casinos Rigged?


by Emma Feller

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Given the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the relative recency of the blockchain, it is unsurprising that there are concerns about the accuracy of gambling payments. The more one learns about the blockchain and how it stores information, the clearer it becomes that crypto casinos are less likely to be rigged than traditional online casinos.

Join us as we discuss the blockchain and how it stores your gambling history, how online casinos generate gameplay results, and how crypto casinos provide meaningful insights into their results.

How the Blockchain Supports Fair Play

Crypto-first casinos are gambling sites built on the blockchain. In many cases, they are so entrenched in promoting this new platform that they do not even accept fiat currency, opting to transact online via Bitcoin and other altcoins.

The reason for this pure blockchain focus is the desire to only transact in an environment that promotes transparency and fair play. The blockchain is a digital ledger that stores information in multiple tiny data fragments called blocks.

These blocks were then disseminated across over 70,000 server locations and contained over 250 GB of data by the last estimate. Considering each 1 MB block can hold over 2000 pieces of data (all from a variety of entries, not one single entry), it is virtually impossible to piece together any complete piece of information without its unique cryptographic keys.

Not only does this process secure the information on the blockchain, but it makes it impossible to retroactively manipulate an entry once it has been stored, which is crucial to the discussion of honesty and accuracy.

The Centralised Server Casino System

The question of whether a casino game is rigged stems back to the first time mankind ever gambled. Early examples included weighted dice, roulette wheels that could be stopped via remote, and finally, online casinos, which relied upon players trusting them to report game outcomes honestly.

The problem was exacerbated by the fact that online gambling companies did not want to show anyone how the system worked and lacked the development capabilities to provide reporting that could prove the accuracy of a game result without creating a backdoor for an unscrupulous individual to access their entire operation which resides on a single server or small content distribution network at best.

While their reasons for hiding results had merit, players felt uneasy with the lack of transparency. When money is involved, unease soon morphs into distrust, which became the genesis of the frequently asked question: Are online casinos rigged?

Crypto Casinos Are an Open Book

Given the discussion of how the blockchain hosts information, it should be clear that the safest and most transparent online gambling option is that of a crypto casino. Not only is your gaming and transacting information protected by a near-impenetrable global distribution system, but you have full access to personally review every entry you make.

To view the results of every game you play at a crypto casino, you simply need to open their Provably Fair reporting portal. This will expose the underlying server results of every spin of the crypto slot reels, and every card that is dealt, and best of all, since it lives on the blockchain, it cannot be tampered with or altered in any way.

Provably Fair reporting is the backbone of every crypto casino as it is the ultimate proof of honesty, integrity, and fair play. It is impossible to rig the game when the players can see all the moving parts at the click of a button.


Can I trust crypto casinos to be honest and fair?

Thanks to Provably Fair gaming and the transparent nature of the blockchain, crypto casinos offer players full access to every bet made and the server-side outcome of each game.

Why play at regulated crypto casinos if they all offer Provably Fair reports?

Provably fair reporting ensures you can check the validity of the game outcomes, whereas regulators ensure that any time you want to challenge a result, you have someone to back you up and enforce any legal findings.

Why does the house “always win” if casinos are not rigged?

While the results of games of chance are random, the overall gaming server does have a return to play (RTP) ratio, which it adheres to. This RTP will always be less than 100% which is how the house is guaranteed to make its margin.

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