The 10 Best Bitcoin Poker Sites for 2024

With cryptocurrencies becoming more and more popular, it seems like new crypto poker sites pop up on the daily. We’ve spent countless hours of trying to navigate through this jungle of what seems like an endless amount of options. Our goal is to share our findings so that we can save you from having to go through effort of doing this yourself, and to simply present you with a few options that fit most players.

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Top Rated Crypto Poker Sites

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Cryptos accepted

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  • Great for poker lovers
  • Generous 200% bonus
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Launching all the way back in 1996, Intertops is one of the oldest brands in the industry. The brand offers a sportsbook, casino and poker platform - all under the same roof. The site holds a KGC license and offers a wide range of payment methods, even for us crypto lovers.

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Quick Facts

  • Online since: 1996
  • License: Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • Min deposit: 10$
  • Min withdraw: 150$
  • Website:
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  • Bonus: 1000$
  • Bonus%: 200%
  • Free Spins: 25
  • Wagering: 30x
  • Visit Site
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Americas Cardroom

Cryptos accepted

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  • Image of the logo for the cryptocurrency Ethereum


  • Popular poker platform
  • Massive tournaments
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Short summary

Americas Cardroom is a massively popular poker platform that supports cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. The site was launched way back in 2001 and is steadily rising in popularity.

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Quick Facts

  • Online since: 2001
  • License: Cyprus Gaming Authority
  • Min deposit: 1 mBTC
  • Min withdraw: 5 mBTC
  • Website:
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  • Bonus: 1000$
  • Bonus%: 200%
  • Free Spins: 0
  • Wagering: 0x
  • Visit Site

How do we rate online poker sites?

There are many factors that go into finding the best crypto poker site available to date. We’ve spent the past few years working out a process to test, analyze and review different poker sites to find the best options available. Here are some of the factors we value in our process:

Packlock in a blue shield showing safety icon

Security & Licensing

Packlock in a blue shield showing safety icon

Security and licensing is one of the main factors as to whether or not a site can be considered trustworthy. If a site doesn't have the proper security measures and licensing, there's no telling that your information will be safe in their hands. Our reviewers go through each individual sites licenses and ensure they're active and verifiable. They also go through and check the sites security measures. Some of the most important factors when it comes to security are SSL 128-bit encryption, proper payment systems and options such as two-step verification for the users that want it.

Image of gold coins with bitcoin and monero symbol

Cryptocurrencies accepted

Image of gold coins with bitcoin and monero symbol

Another factor that's valued in the process of reviewing different poker sites is the amount of cryptocurrencies accepted. As more and more cryptocurrencies pop up and become popular, the choice of being able to change to a different currency at any time becomes more and more important. All sites listed on our site have at least three types of cryptocurrencies accepted. As more and more currencies pop up we'll re-evaluate this number and increase it if deemed necessary. Players should never be limited by the platform they play at, so this is one of the factors that we feel are important to be able to say a site is a "crypto site".

Sack of gold with bitcoin logo showing Bonuses and promotions

Bonuses & Promotions

Sack of gold with bitcoin logo showing Bonuses and promotions

Whether you value first deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, freerolls or rakeback bonuses - we've got you covered. We understand that one of the most popular ways for sites to entice new players is through bonuses and promotions, so we work with the sites to get exclusive bonuses for our users. When determining the value of a bonus we consider factors such as bonus amount, wagering, bonus percentage, and bonus type.

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Intertops Highlights

  • Great for poker lovers
  • Generous 200% bonus

Short summary

Launching all the way back in 1996, Intertops is one of the oldest brands in the industry. The brand offers a sportsbook, casino and poker platform - all under the same roof. The site holds a KGC license and offers a wide range of payment methods, even for us crypto lovers.

Your Guide To Crypto Poker

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a hotter online trend than Bitcoin in recent years. You can use the virtual currency to buy everything from coffee to air travel. And if the title of this page hadn’t already given it away: you can also use it to top up your balance at a growing number of online poker sites.

Of course, other cryptocurrencies have come along to compete, and some are giving Bitcoin a run for its money.

The team at CryptoCasinos has looked at these sites for you in great depth so that you don’t have to spend hours and hours trawling through the web sorting out the wheat from the chaff. Expect to see recommendations of some pretty great poker sites that accept multiple cryptos. We particularly look for Bitcoin and blockchain poker sites with a high number of players, so you won’t find yourself sitting around waiting for a place at a table.

But we didn’t stop there. We’ve created a guide that explains what to look for when deciding which of these sites to try first, where to buy your coins from, where to store them, and much more, so you can play with confidence and enjoy your poker games the most. If poker isn’t your thing, check out our guides for crypto betting, casino and lottery!

Slot machine with crypto theme and cryptocasinos logo


Advantages of crypto gambling

If you’re not sure about the merits of playing online poker with Bitcoin, you can rely on CryptoCasinos to show you the main advantages and disadvantages to help you make your decision. There are many great reasons why you should try your hand at Bitcoin poker sites- or any other cryptocurrency for that matter, and here are just a few of them.


Cryptocurrencies are the ideal currency for online blockchain poker, thanks to their high level of anonymity. Some of the best online poker sites emphasize this feature, which gives them an advantage over their rivals. Poker players seek out anonymity, as it enables them to win at online poker without having to reveal their real name and address.


Cryptocurrencies are one of the safest methods of payment. The transactions are encrypted and verified, and not just once, but multiple times.

Not only that, once you’ve funded your online poker account with your favorite cryptocurrency, the funds are directly transferred to cold storage and remain safely online without any prying eyes being able to view them.

Lower Fees

Cryptocurrencies were created as a decentralized currency, meaning poker operators and poker players can directly transfer value. This cuts out the fees necessary to pay the middleman, resulting in lower fees for you!

Transferring cryptocurrencies to a poker site often involve nothing more than mining fees, which are relatively low. In some cases, the Bitcoin poker site may charge a fee. Typically, however, crypto fees are far lower when compared to those that offer conventional payment methods.


Disadvantages of crypto gambling

Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect payment method. Each has its own pros and cons. Compared to what else is out there, however, the advantages of playing at a bitcoin casino clearly outweigh their disadvantages. But we at CryptoCasinos wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t at least make you aware of the downsides.

Limited Number of Poker Sites

While Bitcoin is gaining momentum in online poker, not all of the most popular poker sites have adopted it as one of their payment methods. So that means that there’s a limited number of poker platforms available for you to use your crypto coins at. Of course, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of crypto poker sites, more than enough for any player.

Unstable Value

Another disadvantage of playing at blockchain poker sites is their unpredictable and unstable value. While this can be an issue for those who get their kicks from playing with high stakes, it’s less so for the more casual player. If you aren’t playing with super-high stakes, this won’t affect you too much. And when you’re winning enough to raise your stakes, you’ll be too busy being happy over your wins to care.

Limited Access to Bitcoin

Finally, your physical access to Bitcoin is limited to the particular device you’re using. This means that if something happens to the hard drive, or if someone steals your device, you could lose your Bitcoins. If you have no way of restoring them, you may lose a significant amount of your funds. Just make sure to keep a close eye on your device in the same way as you would with any of your belongings. Luckily though, if you use an e-wallet such as Coinbase, this isn’t something you’ll have to worry about.


How to choose a crypto poker site

When it comes to depositing funds at an online crypto poker site, you should only consider sites that have been thoroughly vetted. Luckily we’ve taken care of this for you and you can rest assured that all sites recommended at CryptoCasinos are safe to transfer to and from.

However, when considering which site to play at, you’ll want to take into account the whole picture. Of course, some Bitcoin poker sites are better in some areas than others, and often it comes down to your personal preference regarding which site to select. The most important aspects to consider are:

  • Strong customer support
  • Generous welcome bonus
  • Wide selection of games
  • High-quality software
  • Safety and reliability

You’ll also need to ensure that you can deposit and withdraw funds using your preferred cryptocurrency. Some poker sites accept more than 60 cryptocurrencies, so you’ll find plenty of options.


Poker bonuses

When signing up to a crypto poker site, you’re getting the same great bonuses you would at any other poker platform. Here, we’ll take a look at the various kinds of bonuses you can expect, along with how to claim them. If you enjoy online poker, you’re going to want to take advantage of these bonuses.

First Deposit Bonus

First deposit bonuses aren’t limited to poker sites, so if you’re a regular at online bitcoin casinos, you’ll have an idea of what this one is all about. What it does is award you a percentage of your first deposit up to a maximum value. It’s the perfect bonus for those playing at a particular crypto poker site for the first time, as it gives you the chance to get used to how the site works and the games being offered. It can also keep your balance going in the short term. If you win early, that balance can start to look very nice indeed.

No Deposit Bonus

Now that we’ve explained what a first deposit bonus is, this one should be pretty straightforward. As you may have guessed, it’s a bonus offered without asking you to make any deposit whatsoever.

For this reason, the value of the bonus tends to be lower than that of a first deposit bonus. However, it’s still a value that allows you to get a feel for the site and try out a few games. Even though it doesn’t cost you a penny, you still have the chance to win real money playing Texas Hold’em with a no deposit bonus.


Most Bitcoin poker sites have tournaments for you to get involved in. Of course, if you want to take part in many of these tournaments, you will need to buy in. One way of getting around that is by way of a freeroll. It allows you to stake funds on high money poker games without putting your own funds at risk. Like first deposit bonuses, freerolls are often limited to new players.


Rakeback is a type of bonus in its own right. Most crypto poker sites take a percentage of the buy-in fees for tournaments and a percentage of the pot in cash games in order to make a profit. The amount that they take in is called rake. However, it’s common these days for a site to offer a rakeback. This means that you get a percentage back of the rake you’ve paid to the casino. While you’ll typically need to be a regular player, or stake large amounts of crypto funds to be offered a decent rakeback, it’s still a nice bonus you’ll find on most crypto poker sites.

Reload bonuses

Reload bonuses are given to players after the initial welcome bonus. Reload bonuses are offered as a way to reward players for staying loyal to the site and depositing more than once. A reload bonus is just like a welcome bonus in the sense that it’s usually a free spin or match bonus that’s given on the condition of a new deposit.


Loyalty rewards

Traditionally, loyalty programs have existed within all categories of gambling (such as lottery, casino and betting), and poker is no different. You’ll find that loyalty rewards can be offered in all sorts of ways. Some Bitcoin sites may offer you free entry in certain poker texas holdem tournaments. Other crypto poker rewards may offer you points, a more generous rakeback percentage, free chips, or cash back. It’s hard to pigeonhole loyalty bonuses, as they can vary wildly from one site to another. Fortunately, it’s just one of the things we looked at when whittling down the very best crypto poker sites right here at CryptoCasinos.


Most popular cryptos accepted by bitcoin poker sites

Image of gold coins with bitcoin and monero symbol
Image of gold coins with bitcoin and monero symbol

Bitcoin is the most commonly known and widely used crypto coin in online poker. As mentioned, however, there are other coins you might want to consider. It is important to realize this, as it gives you more options when it comes to making a deposit at a crypto poker site. Each of these payment options are transparent, decentralized, and quick, although they aren’t exactly the same as each other. And there are plenty of poker platforms that accept them.


Bitcoin is the most popular and most widely used cryptocurrency, and not just in poker. There are even gambling sites out there that exclusively deal with Bitcoin. So the coin isn’t likely to vanish any time soon, thanks to its immense popularity. Also, if you come across any issues, Bitcoin’s large user community can help you out and get you back on track in no time.


Ethereum has great long-term potential, more so than other coins out there. So your transactions at Ethereum poker sites will likely be valid for a long time. Ethereum also has close ties to the gambling tokens Edgeless, which are revolutionary in the industry, thanks to their ability to minimize the house’s rake/fee on bets.


This is basically a modified version of Bitcoin, only with lower transaction fees. Not only that, mining is easier, which results in no excessive mining charges. It’s the ideal coin for crypto poker players who regularly transfer funds from one account to another. Another thing in Litecoin’s favor is that the man behind the coin used to work for Google. So we assume he has brains and knew what he was doing.


As the name implies, Dash is big on speed. You can complete a transaction with Dash in mere minutes, making it perfect for poker players looking to make a deposit quickly. It’s also user-friendly, as it was designed with the average Joe in mind. This is one reason why those crypto poker players looking to avoid getting technical about cryptocurrency should consider Dash.

Binance USD

A relatively new cryptocurrency that is well known and trusted. Launched by Binance which is a big leader in the crypto industry when it comes to wallets and news.


Worlds first bitcoin poker site fun fact

Crypto exchanges

Before you can deposit your coins at a poker site, you’ll first need to buy them from an exchange. The process is no different than it is at any currency exchange, except for one difference: rather than exchanging USD to Euros, for example, you’re exchanging them for Bitcoins.

There are numerous options available to you when looking to buy your coins. The more popular Bitcoin exchanges include BitGO, Copay, Binance, and Coinbase. Ethereum and Litecoin have dedicated exchanges or are traded alongside Bitcoin.


Crypto wallets

You’ll need access to a crypto wallet to store your coins in. A crypto wallet works like an e-wallet such as Neteller or PayPal. There are a large number of wallets to choose from. Among the more popular options are Breadwallet, CoPay, and Mycelium.

Some crypto poker sites suggest certain wallets for particular mobile operating systems. iOS gamblers are advised to look at CoPay or Breadwallet, while Android players should consider either CoPay or Medium.


Deposits and withdrawals

You’ll find that playing at Bitcoin and Ethereum poker sites is the safest, most transparent, most private, cheapest, and quickest way to fund your account. Now, let’s look at how you can deposit funds to your account and make withdrawals back to your crypto wallet.

How to Deposit

Using your crypto coins to make a deposit is simple. Once you’ve chosen a crypto wallet and bought your first coins, you’re ready to log in to a crypto casino and start making your deposit. Find the deposit section and choose the cryptocurrency you wish to use for your deposit. Once you’ve chosen your crypto, either log in through your online crypto wallet (such as Coinbase), or send the amount straight to the BTC address. Crypto payments can take a little while, so if it’s taking a while, wait an hour or two before you start worrying. Remember that if it’s your first deposit you can usually claim a welcome bonus, so make sure to look into this before you make your deposit. Fees are minimal, if they exist at all, and the processing times are faster than traditional payment methods.

How to Withdraw

The withdrawal process is similar to that of making a deposit, and offers the same advantages. Again, the processing time is shorter than when using conventional payment methods like bank transfers or credit cards. And the fees are lower than with those methods too. So withdrawing funds at crypto casino sites is every bit as smooth as topping up your balance.


Most popular types of tournaments at bitcoin poker sites

Image of a Advantages Icon
Image of a Advantages Icon

The growth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies opened doors for poker sites to provide more options for their players. It also means more potential profits in your pocket, thanks to lower transaction fees. This applies to tournaments, too. Other than that, you’re getting the same level of excitement from crypto tournament poker as from tournaments available at other online poker sites.

If Texas Hold’em is your game, you’ll love playing crypto poker tournaments, as it’s the game that features more than any other. You’ll also come across Seven-card stud and Omaha, so you’ll get a chance to get your fix of those games too if you feel like engaging in tournament play. Most crypto tournaments are Sit-n-Go, including both single-table and multi-table knockout style poker.


Mobile crypto poker sites

Thanks to the best Bitcoin and Ethereum poker sites making apps available for smartphone devices, you can play your favorite poker games on the move. You can enjoy the game right at home or wherever you are. All you need to do to play crypto poker on your mobile device is download and open up the app of a top poker site, and you’re away. The few poker sites that haven’t developed an app for their platform can usually still be accessed by visiting their website on a mobile device. Poker sites use the same login details for desktop and mobile, so if you’ve started playing at a site using your desktop, try simply visiting their site or app on your phone and using the same login details.


Safety and security

The nature of the technology behind crypto coins prevents online fraud such as identity theft and allows for withdrawal that’s faster, with lower transaction fees, and with better offers. Also, many crypto poker sites are part of poker networks that have been around for many years, and with players from all over the world, including the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Crypto poker platform fun fact

Customer support

When depositing money on any website, it stands to reason that you would want access to quality customer support. That’s why this is an area we at CryptoCasinos pay a lot of attention to when evaluating the sites recommended on this page. Most crypto poker sites that we review provide 24/7 support, so you’ll always have a point of contact should you need one. Not only that, they offer fast response times, and if live chat isn’t your thing, there are multiple ways of getting touch such as email or their social media.


Terms and conditions for bonuses

All crypto poker sites we recommend are licensed and regulated, so you’ll only be playing at bona fide poker rooms. This means that you can trust the terms and conditions. Still, you should read them over before committing, but if that’s too overwhelming, make sure to at least read the terms and conditions for any specific bonus you claim.


Step by step: How to get started

It’s a six-step process from signing up to a crypto exchange to depositing crypto coins into an online poker account. Each of these steps is super-fast, and you’ll be ready to play poker faster than you can say “I’ll see you and raise you”. Let’s take a look at these steps one by one.

  • Step 1. Create An Account With A Crypto Exchange

Before you can buy virtual coins, you’ll need to register with a crypto exchange. Think of an exchange like a store. Only the product in this store deals with crypto coins, which you buy and sell. Many of the reputable crypto exchanges will ask for proof of identification, so get something ready, such as your passport or driver’s license.

  • Step 2. Buy Crypto Coins

Once the account you created with your chosen exchange has been verified, you can start buying coins.

In most cases, you can buy these coins with a credit card or debit card, or through a wire transfer. Payments are typically processed in just minutes, with bank transfers taking between one and four days to show on your statement.

  • Step 3. Secure A Crypto Wallet

While some exchanges offer a wallet of their own, keeping your wallet separate is a good idea, as it gives your coins an extra layer of security. There are five groups of crypto wallets: online, desktop, mobile, paper, and hardware wallets. Usually, an online wallet is the best choice and is free to create.

  • Step 4. Transfer Coins To Your Wallet

If you bought a physical wallet, the first thing you do is to take that loose cash in your pocket and store it away safely in your new wallet. It’s the same idea with virtual coins. Choose the amount you want to credit your wallet with and copy the address of your wallet to the exchange transfer form. Then verify the amount with two-factor authentication.

  • Step 5. Create An Account With A Crypto Poker Site

Now that you have funds in your crypto wallet, it’s time for you to visit the online poker site you have selected based on our reviews here at CryptoCasinos. If you already have an account, you can log in, but if you don’t, you’ll need to create one. It’s easy to do, with minimal details required, so you should be ready for the next and final step in a matter of minutes.

  • Step 6. Transfer Your Coins to Your Crypto Poker Account

Before you can start playing your favorite poker games, you’ll need to have funds to play with. Depositing funds into a crypto account with virtual coins is the most private, fastest, and safest way of any payment method. Just log in to your poker account and visit the cashier, and choose cryptocurrency or Bitcoin as your payment method.



Crypto poker has seen rapid growth over the last few years, but the concept is still fairly new. Many parts of the gambling industry using fiat currencies are unregulated and come with high transaction fees. They’re also susceptible to interference by governments. Bitcoin poker deals with all of these issues nicely.

Crypto poker rooms come with some of the best rewards and lowest rakes in online poker. As more people start to enjoy playing crypto poker, you’ll see a wider game selection, higher rewards, and more tournaments. At CryptoCasinos we believe it’s the future of online poker. But now you know all about it, you don’t need to wait for the future. You can take advantage of all the great benefits of Bitcoin poker in the here and now. So follow the six steps above and start playing poker the safest way possible.

Do all poker sites accept crypto payments?

The simple answer is no, not all poker sites accept cryptocurrencies as a payment option. However, as cryptos become more and more popular, the incentive for poker sites to start accepting the currency becomes bigger and bigger. More and more poker sites have started accepting cryptocurrencies, and some sites even exclusively accept cryptocurrencies. The lists at CryptoCasinos are made to show the best options for players looking for sites that DO accept cryptocurrencies, and so all casinos on our lists accept at least one cryptocurrency.

Yes, cryptocurrency is mobile-friendly and can be accessed on a wide number of mobile devices, on both Android and iOS. Most wallets and exchanges are optimized for mobilephones. So you can make crypto payments, claim bonuses, and play your favorite poker games on your mobile devices.

One of the main concerns of gambling online is the safety and security of financial information. The great thing about playing on a Bitcoin or Ethereum poker site is that, as far as your financial details are concerned, you aren’t required to submit any private or personal information beyond the basic details. The only information you need to provide are your Bitcoin wallet address and your name.

Buying cryptocurrency to play poker with is easy. Once you’ve decided which coin you want to buy and which wallet you want to store your currency in, you’ll be enjoying your favorite online poker game in next to no time. You can buy crypto coins from a crypto ATM if there’s one local to you. Alternatively, you can buy them from an online marketplace or exchange, like Coinbase. Once you’ve confirmed the purchase, they’ll be sent to your wallet, ready for you to deposit at an online poker room.

Withdrawing your winnings using cryptocurrency works similarly to regular withdrawals at casinos. Simply go to the withdrawal page, select your currency of choice and follow the instructions on the screen. Generally speaking, cryptocurrencies are quickly processed and will be sent within a couple of hours, meaning that you’ll often have access to your currency within a day.

Author: Jakob Olsson


Updated 25 May, 2024

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Americas Cardroom Highlights

  • Popular poker platform
  • Massive tournaments

Short summary

Americas Cardroom is a massively popular poker platform that supports cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. The site was launched way back in 2001 and is steadily rising in popularity.