How Long Do Bitcoin Casino Withdrawals Take?


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One of the most exciting things to happen to the online gambling industry since the adoption of mobile gaming was the invention of the blockchain and, by extension, the introduction of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Benefits of Gambling Online With Bitcoin

Not only does Bitcoin hold immense value as an asset, but the framework upon which it is built offers a host of benefits that fit the needs of the online casino sector.

  • Unparalleled Safety and Security

  • Unlimited International Transactions

  • Improved User Anonymity

  • Lower Fees and Transaction Costs

  • Personal Control of One’s Wealth

  • Fastest Payment Processing in the World

This combination of speed, security, anonymity, and value has made Bitcoin gambling one of the fastest-growing niche markets in the industry. With access to the best casino games like Bitcoin Live casino, the latest streaming technology, and all of the benefits mentioned above, switching to crypto casinos is a no-brainer.

Reputable Casinos Are Always the Best Bet

With the value of Bitcoin, it is easy to be drawn in by operators that offer enticing BTC bonus offers; however, we always advise caution.

Before committing your time and money to an online casino:

  • Check that they are licensed.

  • Have clear promotional terms.

  • Offer a wide range of Bitcoin slots.

  • Have a reputation for fair play.

Playing with a trusted brand with a top-tier reputation is one of the best ways to ensure that your gameplay results can be trusted and that any jackpot or big win you are lucky enough to land will be paid out in full. The more trustworthy the casino, the smoother the withdrawal process.

All the Bitcoin casinos listed with us have been thoroughly reviewed and rated using our comprehensive guidelines. We do this to ensure you have the information you need to make a safe and informed decision about where to gamble online.

How Long Do Bitcoin Withdrawals Take

Thanks to the speed of the blockchain, Bitcoin transactions can be nearly instant. However, since most crypto casinos have internal processes and verifications that need to occur before they honor a withdrawal, this cashout period will vary from operator to operator.

The most common withdrawal periods are as follows:

Instant Withdrawals

Generally, casinos that do not need to verify whether you have met bonus wagering requirements will allow “instant withdrawals”. This means there will be no waiting period or verification of the outcome of the game you played. Hit the withdraw button, and your winnings will reflect in your wallet within 15 minutes. BTC lightning casinos are even faster.

Less Than 2 Hours

Cryptocurrency-first casinos that offer bonuses must verify that you have met the terms and conditions of any active promotions. Larger operators will also have staff on-site 24/7 to process these withdrawal requests, which usually takes 1-2 hours. Once your cash out is approved, your funds will only take around 15 minutes to reflect.

24 Hours or Longer

Most crypto casinos will take around 24 hours to process a withdrawal request. The reason is simple, while they have large teams of international support agents, they usually have centralized finance teams that manage all incoming and outgoing transactions. The agents can approve the withdrawal and verify that terms have been met, but the accounts staff will send the funds once they are in the office. Weekends can also affect this process, as most admin teams don’t work Saturday and Sunday.

Tips For Improving Withdrawal Times

We recommend proactively getting ahead of any process that may slow your withdrawal.

This can include:

  • Submitting clear copies of required documents ahead of time.

  • Putting in your withdrawal request as early as possible in the day.

  • Ensure you have met all bonus wagering requirements in the BTC casino to not lose out on potential bonuses.

By confirming with customer support that everything is in order, your transaction is guaranteed to be processed without any delays and might even be bumped up the priority list.


Will I always get an instant withdrawal when playing with Bitcoin?

We cannot guarantee that every casino will pay out instantly as they follow their internal checks and balances.

Are Bitcoin withdrawals expensive?

Cryptocurrency withdrawals are more cost-effective than any other currency as the system does not need to fund middlemen and large financial corporations.

Do all casinos have a Pending period?

This is very common across the online casino industry. It is the timeframe needed to verify that your payouts are correct, that all wagering is met, and that all your information is correct to ensure a smooth payment run.

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